How to Avoid Being a “Bridezilla”

    It is wedding season and sometimes the stress of planning everything can lead to a “Bridezilla”.

    FOX’s Ashley Papa presents a Wedding edition of “FOX on Love”:

    The stress of planning a wedding and the need to be perfect can give rise to a “Bridezilla”.†A bride who takes that stress out on her bridesmaids, future husband and loved ones.†Nobody wants to be around a “Bridezilla”.

    Star of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’,†Pnina Tornai, offers tips on how to avoid becoming the dreaded “Bridezilla”:

    (Tornai) “Plan everything ahead, especially the dress. Because for some reason it always boils down to the dress.”

    Tornei says to utilize your bridesmaids as they’re meant to help take things off your shoulders and do give yourself time to breathe:

    (Tornai) “Do things that you love doing, things that you know will de-stress you. Donít forget your Pilates sessions, donít say Iíll do that tomorrow, Iíll do that next week, go out with your friends, have a good glass of wine.”

    Most importantly, brides need to remember that not everybody is lucky to have love in their life. Celebrate and focus on the love.

    With FOX†on Love, I’m Ashley Papa.

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