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One baseball father-son duo is teaming up to spread awareness for prostate cancer.

FOX's Alex Hein reports in "Housecall for Health":

Baseball's famous father-son duo Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr. are teaming up again, but this time it's to spread awareness about a deadly disease that hits close to home for them both, prostate cancer.

Griffey Sr. was diagnosed with prostate cancer 11 years ago after going to the doctor at the insistence of his mother. He didn't have any symptoms, but other patients may experience troubling urinating, poor urine flow, blood in semen, discomfort in pelvic area, bone pain and erectile dysfunction.

His diagnosis prompted Jr. and his friends to get checked and now Sr. and Jr. want other men to get vocal about the cancer and have joined 'The Men Who Speak Up' campaign:

(Griffey Jr.) "After awhile it became just a normal conversation. I have friends who you know were all around 47 to 51 and it's a lot easier for us to talk about it. We make sure that everybody knows their doctors appointments and we get on them about keeping their doctors appointments." 

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