"The President has been hiding from naming this ideology, saying that it will tar all of us, that's rubbish. By not naming it, we all become tarred, we all become tainted. We have to name it. Even if it's done out of being condescending, at least this is a first step until the next president, I hope, will continue a war on Islamism."

-- Dr. Qanta Ahmed on the importance of calling radical Islamism out by name

Dr. Qanta Ahmed, Muslim scholar and author of "In The Land Of Invisible Women" , called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss the decision by the Department of Justice to redact references to radical Islamic beliefs from the transcripts of calls Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen made to police during his attack.

Dr. Ahmed explained that what occurred in Orlando was violent Islamism and Islamists will do anything to justify their attacks. Ahmed believes President Obama's refusal to call out Islamic extremism taints all Muslims and hopes our next president continues the war on Islamism. When discussing the spread of radical Islamism in America, Qanta points to San Bernardino as a possible inspiration and the need for the Muslim community to be engaged to help eliminate the extremists, something that will happen when Muslims understand they are not all being tarred by the radical extremists.

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