Happy Father's Day! To all the dads, and grandfathers and father-figures, who love as only dads can.

FOX's Lisa Brady has "FOX on Family":

No other feeling comes close:

(Austin) "All of a sudden you're just looking down into these two eyes and they are staring back at you and it's just like wow, I'm a father now."

To mark Father's Day, I spoke with the two newest dads I know. FOX Radio Assignment editor Jason Austin, whose baby girl was born last month and anchor Chris Foster, who has two sets of baby girl eyes looking up at him:

(Foster) "Everybody says, 'Oh you've never felt love like this', you really haven't in terms of the amount of love and just the kind of love."

But the world and role of father has evolved. Not many 'stay-at-home-dads' 50 years ago. And I've heard these two working dads chatting about onesies and diapers. And then there's all the technology:

(Austin) "You know I think that's one of the challenges, to give him a kind of childhood that I had, you know, outside building forts, running around, climbing trees."

Foster also hopes to instill grounded values:

(Foster) "But that isn't necessarily something that comes out of my nostalgia from my own childhood. They're going to have to live in their own time."

Timeless, love and strength.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.