Rock star Eric Clapton is now facing a devastating diagnosis.

FOX’s Laura Ingle reports in this “Bonus Track”:

Eric Clapton, one of the world’s most well known guitarist and biggest rock stars has been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and has been in pain for the last 12 months.

He says the condition, which causes damage to the nervous system, has also made it difficult for him to play the guitar: 

(Dr. Siegel) “Causes a cotton wool type feeling in hands and feet that is more like numbness, but can increase to actual pain and discomfort. There are medications to treat it, but they are often not effective.”

FOX News Medical A-team’s Dr. Marc Siegel says causes range from diabetes to autoimmune diseases and can be caused by excessive alcohol abuse. 

Clapton has long acknowledged his addictions throughout his career, telling Classic Rock magazine he doesn’t know how he survived the 70’s especially.

Clapton says he can still play, but it’s hard work sometimes, adding, “Just getting old man, it’s hard.”

I’m Laura Ingle and that’s your Bonus Track.

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