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The father of the gunman accused of killing at least 49 in a Florida night club says he has questions that may never be answered.

FOX's Tonya J. Powers reports from Orlando:

Omar Mateen's father, Sadiq Mateen, says he doesn't believe the attack has anything to do with religion, but like many people, there is something he wishes he could ask his son:

(Mateen) "If he was alive today, I would ask him one question as a parent. Why did he do this? Why?"

In a 911 call from the club, Omar Mateen professed allegiance to leader of ISIS, authorities say Mateen was not under surveillance, but that in 2014 they had discovered ties to an American suicide bomber, but didn't think he was a threat at the time. They also said Mateen made inflammatory comments to coworkers in 2013. He worked for a global security company.

In Orlando, Tonya J. Powers, FOX News.

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