“I don’t believe any of the Super-Pac’s, and certainly the one I am involved in, do not have the resources at this time to go respond to this ad immediately. That will come in time but in this particular case you have to understand the Clinton organization has been looking at this race for 8 years, they have built on 2 very successful Obama operations. The Super Pac was Obama’s Super Pac and is now theirs, they will have $100 million dollars to spend very quickly. The Trump campaign, at this point, is (playing) catchup. I think the dilemma was, he talked about self-funding his campaign, he self-funded his primary now he certainly doesn’t have the resources, or says he doesn’t have the resources, to self-fund the rest of the way so it’s a scramble to get the money and get the resources together. I mean we will get there, it’s just right at this particular time, we are not prepared to counter attack, at least the PAC I am involved in doesn’t have the ability to counter attack.”

—Ed Rollins on the current inability of his pro-Trump Super-Pac to counter attack Clinton’s Priorities USA ad that slams Trump for mocking a disabled reporter

Ed Rollins, GOP political consultant & Co-Chairman of the pro- Donald Trump Super Pac “Great America”, called into Kilmeade & Friends to address whether or not the comments made by Donald Trump about Hispanic-American Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel will turn into a major crisis for Trump’s presidential campaign.

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