How Social Media Impacts Relationships

    (Photo by Meghan Hughes)

    Social media has changed the landscape of dating. You can find out everything about a person before that person even picks you up for your first date, which can be a good and a bad thing.

    FOX’s Ashley Papa presents ”FOX on Love”:

    Social media and the Internet has forever changed the way people date and handle relationships and that can be a good and a bad thing.

    Relationship expert, Hunt Ethridge, says it may be best to wait to “friend” or “follow” a new love interest:

    (Ethridge) “When you meet someone in real life you take some time to get to know them and that’s great. Over social media, sometimes you can find out their entire life story after the first date.”

    And that can be too much information too quickly. Lovebirds should also be leery about keeping up with other couples on social media as people usually post the good times, not the bad:

    (Ethridge) “You don’t see other people posting their fights, their trials and tribulations, their everyday changing baby diapers or anything like that so it tends to give you a false sense of what everybody else’s life is like and that can be damaging to you especially as a couple.”

    But it’s not all risky. Social media can help you learn what your new dates like and what they hold dear, which may help you decided if you’d be a good match or not.

    With FOX on Love, I’m Ashley Papa.

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