Fans of legendary punk rock band The Ramones can celebrate the 40th anniversary of their original album with a special release.

FOX's Laura Ingle chats has the details of the special edition on "Bonus Track":

There's a lot of Rock and Roll reminiscing going on with the Ramones, as fans celebrate the legendary punk rock bands 40th anniversary this year.

The Ramones self titled debut album released in 1976 will be reissued this year to mark the historic date. The reissue comes in the form of a three CD one LP deluxe edition that includes a remastered stereo version and a new mono mix.

Though all original band members are gone, the original producer Craig Leon is alive and well and was tapped to remaster the recordings. Leon and the Ramones had originally envisioned recording and mixing the album in mono at Abbey Road studios in London, but had to record in stereo in the U.S. due to budget constraints.

Leon remembered the bands original intent and both the stereo version and mono remix were both done at the famed U.K. studios for the special reissue. It may have taken 40 years, but the Ramones vision will finally be realized.

I'm Laura Ingle and that's your Bonus Track.

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