If you want to get served at the McDonald's drive-thru, you need a car. But one man is now suing the fast food chain, claiming discrimination, after he walked up to a window and got turned away.

FOX's Monica Rix has details:

Scott Magee says he just wanted a late night snack, so he walked up to a McDonald's drive-thru and tried to order several times, but got denied. Now he wants to take McDonald's to court.

The Louisiana man filed a discrimination lawsuit against the company in Chicago's U.S. District court because he's legally blind and he can't get behind a wheel.

Magee accuses McDonald's of violating the Americans with disabilities act by denying him services offered to sighted customers. And he argues they should have several options for making its drive-thru's more accessible to the blind.

No word on how much he wants in damages. McDonald's is not commenting.

Monica Rix, FOX News.

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