Following GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump's news conference announcing the spread of money raised for veterans, some Florida Vets are calling out Trump's support for them as "hypocrisy".

FOX's Gurnal Scott has the story:

The veterans said Trump's disrespect showed in his announcement of what was found to be only close to the $6 million raised from an Iowa event in January:

(Admiral Kendall) "It wasn't something that he did willingly, you can rest assured of that."

Rear Admiral Gene Kendall in the call hosted by Hillary Clinton's campaign, called Trump a "fraud" and not in line with the military tradition of protecting their own:

(Admiral Kendall) "We need to understand that he operates in support of what's best for Donald Trump."

Admiral Kendall called Trump's past record of disrespecting veterans "flagrant".

Gurnal Scott, FOX News.

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