A year ago, FOX's Tonya J. Powers took an Honor Flight to Washington D.C. with a plane full of World War II veterans.

Now, she has a follow up on some of those who were on that flight:

They're called the "greatest generation", and I was lucky enough to hear their stories.

Like Wally McNulty, the youngest living World War II veteran:

(McNulty) "I was 13 when I joined the Army, and when I left I was 15 and a half and I joined the Navy."

He's doing well, and told me he still thinks about the flight.

Lee Salley was a German-born wave, who became an American citizen just to help fight Hitler:

(Salley) "As soon as I was a citizen, I took my tests and I became a Navy girl."

She's almost 95 now. Joe Badler was part of the invasion of Normandy.

(Badler) "You look at everything, My God, I went through... I never pictured myself as a 90-year-old man."

He passed away earlier this year, ten months after the trip.

Tonya J. Powers, FOX News.