Legislation proposed in California could protect people who want to rescue dogs left inside a hot car.

FOX's Dave Anthony reports:

Break a window, save a dog. That's the idea behind 'Right to Rescue', a bill proposed in California, similar to a Tennessee law that would protect people from being sued if they bust into a hot car:

(Females) "They don't realize how quickly the animal can become overcome. Temperatures can sky rocket inside a car."

They were out a rally at the capitol in Sacramento Tuesday supporting the proposed law:

(Female) "I think they should have the right to break into the car for sure."

But this man's a little skeptical:

(Male) "I don't think it would really be necessary to I guess break the persons car window."

Under the bill, you'd have to be sure the car's doors are locked and call police before breaking the window. Then you'd have with stay with the dog until cops arrive.

Dave Anthony, FOX News.