Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) called into Kilmeade & Friends to give his take on Donald Trump's list of candidates for the Supreme Court, the war on terror, President Obama's upcoming visit to Japan and the head of the V.A. comparing long wait times for veterans to long lines at Disneyland.

Plus, Senator Lee discussed the Regulatory Budget Act that he and House members from the Article 1 Project introduced this morning.

Listen here:

Senator Lee on if he can get behind Trump if he picks Senator Corker or Senator Sessions as his VP and his thoughts on Trump's list of potential Supreme Court nominees

(Kilmeade) If Senator Bob Corker or Senator Sessions was to join the Trump ticket, would that help yo get on board with Donald Trump or have you already made your decision?

(SENATOR LEE) Look, I have acknowledged in the past that I have got some concerns and a lot of people share those concerns and those things are still there. I will say that I really liked last week the list that he put out with regard to people he might appoint to the Supreme Court of the United States. There were some very good people on that list.

(Kilmeade) Including your brother.

(SENATOR LEE) Including my brother. Speaking completely objectively here, stands above the rest. It wasn't that there were some great names on that list, that was the best, most conservative Supreme Court list I have ever seen from any president and I was thrilled by that.