Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss the effect Bernie Sanders has had on Hillary's campaign, whether Sanders should drop out of the race, Donald Trump's rising poll numbers, the economic impact legalizing marijuana has had on Colorado and whether or not he would be interested in being Hillary Clintons Vice President.

Plus, Governor Hickenlooper discussed his new book "The Opposite Of Woe: My Life In Beer And Politics" and the similarities between running a private business and running a city.

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Hickenlooper on the similarities between running a business and running a city

(Kilmeade) When you became mayor, did you find the people in government were just as competent as the people in private business, from the oil and gas business to the restaurant business?

(HICKENLOOPER) They were different but in many ways competent. Many of them are very cautious and don't like risk but they love what they are doing. I will tell you the one thing that was the same running a big restaurant and running a city. Well, there are several things: You never have enough capitol running a city or a restaurant, you have a diverse group of people you have to make into a team and the public is always pissed off about something. But the people in government are more cautious, but just as passionate, but what they lack is great managers.

Hickenlooper on being Hillary Clintons Vice President

(HICKENLOOPER) I love what I am doing. I would have to be pushed pretty hard to do something else although, candidly, Vice President of the United States, if you can serve your country at that level, who wouldn't do that.

Hickenlooper on Sanders still being in the race

(Kilmeade) Your thoughts on Sanders doubling down when it looked like he was pulling back

(HICKENLOOPER) You can tell he enjoys it. He's done so much more, gone so much further than anybody imagined and I think he wants to ride it out until the end. I think he realizes he is not going to win. He realizes it's just not in the cards but he loves it.

(Kilmeade) Do you feel he is hurting the party by sticking in?

(HICKENLOOPER) Well, he is not helping it. Bernie Sanders deserves a lot of credit because he has raised issues. He has made Hillary a better candidate, a stronger candidate.

(Kilmeade) Really?


(Kilmeade) She is not embracing this. It doesn't seem she has the wind at her back.

(HICKENLOOPER) She is resolute, that's the amazing thing about Hillary.

Hickenlooper on Trump's rising poll numbers against Hillary

(Kilmeade) Why do you think Trump has closed the gap 11 points in 2 months?

(HICKENLOOPER) Right now it's just a personality thing. He hasn't put any personalities together. Once people start talking about some of these issues, is he someone we want our children to admire? He is kind of a bully, kind of a blowhard. Is that who we want our kids looking up to? Is that who we want our trading partners looking up to? Someone who is going to say, I am going to get rid of this treaty or get rid of that treaty.