A video of students using cat intestines to jump rope in class causes controversy for a San Antonio high school. (WARNING- Some people will find this video disturbing)

FOX's John Saucier has more:

It was this video shot in a classroom in Churchill High School in San Antonio that's causing all the trouble:

(Student) "Oh my god... Faster... Faster... keep going faster."

Someone sent it to the animal right's group PETA and they posted it on their website. It was in a science class where they dissected the cat.

One student says it looks bad, but it was really all part of the learning process, sanctioned, the student says by the teacher. Educational or not, the school district says it's looking for another way to teach how durable cat intestines are.

No disciplinary action, however, against the teacher or the students.

John Saucier, FOX News.

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