Burning question of the day: Is Captain America owed back pay by the U.S. Military?

FOX's Tonya J. Powers has the official answer:

A fan theory on Reddit says Captain America has $3 million in back pay coming to him.

Here's why: After defeating Hydra in World War II, he was lost for six decades until 2011 and technically not discharged:

(Captain America) "We thought it best to break it to you slowly. Break what? You've been asleep, cap. For almost 70 years."

The Army issued a response, saying if Captain Rogers were a real person, he would actually be entitled to much more than three million, because the fan theory doesn't take into account any "potential promotions that may have been bestowed upon him while he was listed in a 'missing' status".

I'm not sure "General America" has the same ring to it.

Tonya J. Powers, FOX News.

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