The Defense Department's "command center in the sky" is chronicled in "Military Matters" with FOX's Lucas Tomlinson:

E4-B is a militarized bowing 747 in the name of Defense Secretary Ash Carter's plane. It provides direct support to the President in a time of war. E4-B is an airborne operation center and backs up the Pentagon in case it gets hit. It's operations are tasked by U.S. strategic command, which provides the crew for the plane. During a nuclear war, the plane would be able to execute war orders by communicating with forces all over the globe.

When I was traveling with the Defense Secretary from Germany recently, I watched as the large four engine swept ring jet was refueled in flight. The main deck is divided into a command center, briefing room and advanced satellite communications systems.

It can hold 112 people who support the national military command, the President, Defense Secretary and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. There are four E4-B jets based in the United States. One is always on the alert, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a global watch team ready if needed.

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(Credit USAF)
(Credit USAF)