FOX News Radio's Tonya J. Powers spends "A Few Moments With..." Former Navy SEAL Rorke Denver. The former Navy SEAL turned Author sits down to discuss his book "Worth Dying For: A Navy SEAL's Call to a Nation." It's fast-paced and action-packed narrative, in which Navy SEAL commander Rorke Denver tackles the questions that have emerged about America's past decade at war-from what makes a hero to why we fight and what it does to us. Heroes are not always the guys who jump on grenades. Sometimes, they are the snipers who decide to hold their fire, the wounded operators who find fresh ways to contribute, or the wives who keep the families together back home. Even a SEAL commander-especially a SEAL commander-knows that. But what's a hero, really? What do we have a right to expect from our heroes? How should we hold them accountable? Amid all the loose talk of heroes, these questions are seldom asked.