A Florida dog is back home safe and dry after testing out his sea legs in the Gulf of Mexico.

FOX's Tom Graham explains:

He's a lucky dog. A Jack Russell terrier is found swimming five miles off the coast of Hernando Beach by two couples out boating for the day:

(Michael Sahr) "I thought it was a buoy."

(Shawn Sahr) "You just saw his little nose sticking out over the water."

The small terrier was wearing a doggy life jacket. The group pulled the pup to safety and radioed the Coast Guard. Another boater had reported the Jack Russel missing three hours earlier and he was reunited with his owner:

(Woman) "He had tears, he said I had given up, I had searched."

The Jack Russel named Jägermeister had apparently jumped overboard when his owner wasn't looking.

Tom Graham, FOX News.