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A man who once lead the Tea Party movement into the United States senate now ends his run for the presidency. Ted Cruz had made the Indiana primary his last stand.

FOX's Eben Brown reports from Cruz' campaign headquarters in Indianapolis:

It was not a surprise to many people to see Donald Trump win the Indiana Republican primary. But the room filled with Ted Cruz supporters gasped when the Senator told them the race was over:

(Cruz) "No! No! Nooooo!... It appears that path has been foreclosed. Nooooooo!"

There were tears, and there was anger. John Hinton of Lafayette, Indiana, said Cruz had a bad run in the media:

(Hinton) "Because people are lemmings. A lot of them a low informed morons."

And ads he will not vote for Trump. Nor a Democrat.

In Indianapolis, Eben Brown, FOX News.