Today's date is an important one for Star Wars fans.

FOX's Tonya J. Powers explains why:

Chances are, you won't be able to get on social media or the internet in general today without seeing it:

"May the Fourth be with you".

I'll be honest, it makes my inner Star Wars nerd gleeful just hearing it. It's a worldwide day to say "may the force be with you" and celebrate Star Wars galaxy-wide.

One of the earliest known records of "may the fourth" used in pop culture was in 1979 when an author writing about the making of the 'Empire Strikes Back' took an ad out in the London Evening Times congratulating Margaret Thatcher on her election victory with "may the fourth be with you, Maggie".

So let your Star Wars geek flag fly and don't forget the hashtag #StarWarsDay. No word on how they're celebrating on Tattooine.

On Planet Earth, Tonya J. Powers, FOX News.