Mother’s Day Expected to be a Huge Day for Florists

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    With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, it promises to be a big day for florists.

    FOX’s Pat O’Neill has more:

    Americans will spend $2.4 billion on flowers this Mother’s Day, making it twice as big as Valentine’s Day for the industry, so says the National Retail Federation.

    And while many will take mom out to dinner or give her a day at the spa, almost half of those also
    give her flowers. Roses, carnations and Lilies are among the most popular.

    But Jim McCann, CEO of 1-800 Flowers says there’s concern that suppliers in states legalizing marijuana could switch crops:

    (McCann) “Some growers with enormous green house facilities are saying is this the best crop I can grow these flowers for all these florists around the country, maybe I can switch to cannabis.” 

    No word on how that could affect prices, but instead of saying it with flowers, saying it with weed may not have the same ring to it.

    Pat O’Neill, FOX News.