He's responsible for a sound that is synonymous with summer.

FOX's Jane Metzler reports advertising legend Les Waas has died:

He came up with what could be called the siren song of summer that attracts kids of all ages like moths to a porch light.

Heard in neighborhoods around the country for more than half a century, advertising legend Les Waas wrote it for a radio commercial in 1960. Who knew it has lyrics...

Mister Softee then based in Philadelphia is now one of the largest soft serve ice cream companies in the country, even operates in China.

Les Waas, behind nearly a thousand other jingles for like Holiday Inn, Kissling's Sauerkraut and the Philadelphia Phillies. He also founded the procrastinators club of America. Glad he finished this...

Les Waas was 94.

Jane Metzler, FOX News.