Have you caught your significant other cheating?

FOX's Ashley Papa has more with "FOX on Love":

Cheating rumors swirling around Jay Z and Beyoncé. Whether or not the rap mogul has been unfaithful, it's never easy learning about a partner's infidelity. Psychotherapist and author of "Your Best Age is Now", Dr. Robi Ludwig, says when people discover their significant other is cheating, the initial shock can be very emotionally disorienting:

(Ludwig) "Sometimes there is initial denial, or shock, or sense of grief. In some cases people will turn to a trusted friend or family member."

When it's time to confront your partner, Ludwig says, be straight forward:

(Ludwig) "Having just a very direct, blunt conversation is the best way to go. To say, 'listen I discovered this' or 'this came to my attention', and 'I want to know what is going on' and 'I'd like you to tell me.'"

However, be careful not to make compulsive decisions right away. However a couple handles infidelity, trust has been lost and that's a hard reality.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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