"Isn't this so ironic coming from the woman who lives in Chappaqua, NY? If you take the Chappaqua zip code, its arguably the wealthiest zip code in the country. Here is a woman who is being paid half a million dollars to give speeches for Goldman-Sachs. She talks about the big towers, she spends her entire day in there begging them for money, campaign money and quite frankly, she owes them every favor under the sun.... I think the difference with my father is, he is almost the epitome of the American dream. Unlike guys like Romney, he embraces his success, that's what America is about.... It's almost like she is against the American dream in saying that."

----Eric Trump on Hillary Clinton saying Donald Trump is out of touch with the average American

Eric Trump stopped by Kilmeade & Friends to discuss tonight's "Acela" primary day, Paul Manafort joining his father's campaign team, the Cruz/Kasich alliance, why he feels his father will be able to secure the 1237 delegates need for the nomination, the irony of Hillary saying Trump is out of touch with the average American, how his father embraces his success and wealth unlike Mitt Romney and the need for the GOP to unify and attack Hillary Clinton.

Plus, Eric talks about getting a birthday present for his step mother Melania.

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Eric Trump on his father's campaign and the need for the GOP to focus on Hillary Clinton

(ERIC TRUMP) We have to start turning our attention to Hillary. I wish the republican leadership would come out and say listen, let's stop the nonsense. Let's take the guy who is one and forty two, who, the only state he's own is his home state.

(KILMEADE) You think Reince Preibus and company should be pressuring Kasich to get out?

(ERIC TRUMP) There is no question. Here is the time when you could ramp up the Republican Party, you could ramp up our internal campaign mechanism and start going after Hilary while she is still fighting Bernie, while she is still fighting her own possible indictment. She has real problems, she still has a path to go. The Republican Party for the first time ever in or lives, could we get ahead of the process? Why wouldn't we so we? So we can humor a guy who is one and forty two, meaning Kasich, or humor a guy who we are hundreds and hundreds of delegates ahead of without wining any state you need to win in the general election, who is probably is going to finish dead last in all five contests tonight.

(KILMEADE) You need a referee to step in and your hoping they would. Three is a story today that Rick Santorum told that he thought about going to Newt to stop Romney , said do you want to combine and they ultimately said it's going to hurt the party, so they didn't. So you're saying there was a maturity shown 4 years ago and you wish it was shown now?

(ERIC TRUMP) I am saying we need to show a lot of maturity and I think people need to start doing what's best for the Republican Party. It's interesting, if you look at Cruz, Cruz 4 weeks ago was saying to Kasich, there is no path to victory, you can't get to 1237, it's a two man race, you must drop out. Now Cruz has no path to victory, he would need 110% of the remaining delegates or whatever it is to get to that 1237. When are we going to get ahead of the Democrats and start aging the war on Hillary that quite frankly she has started to wage on us. Its immature, it's foolish. I am not a politician but I have a unique seat into this, I am saying guys, what are we doing? We have a candidate, you brought up the stat, has converted 180,000 people in Pennsylvania from Democrats and Independents to the Republican Party. The answer is it undermines the little system in Washington where you have this boys club who have been together forever. It undermines their sphere of influence and it's just a sad thing. I would love to see the party coalesce, let's start attacking Hilary and let's start doing it right now.

(KILMEADE) Its Melania's birthday today. Do the Trump's exchange gifts? Do you make sure you have a day to blow out candles? When it's Eric's birthday or Don Jr's, do you still get together?

(ERIC TRUMP) I think a lot of times birthday's sneak up on us. Especially my brother , he has 5 kids. He says Eric, I can't believe you don't know little Donnie's birthday? I go Donnie, you have 5 kids and Ivanka has 3 and the family is getting bigger.

(KILMEADE) There will be no birthday parties, is that what you're saying?

(ERIC TRUMP) We will something special. We're an incredibly close family, we will definitely do something special. Quite frankly, I think the best birthday present you could have is doing as well as we are looking in the five states tonight, that would be an amazing one.