Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook.

“In The Footsteps of… En Sabah Nur.”

This trending video from 20th Century FOX delves into the backstory of the villain in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse movie. Shot like a vintage commercial for an old-school documentary, the clip speculates on the mutant’s past, cleverly tying in the release date for the upcoming film.

Another trending trailer…

“Marvel’s Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer.”

The Ancient One and Dr. Strange talk possibilities in this mind bending sneak peek for the upcoming superhero flick, that includes glimpses of Dr. Strange’s transformation into the Sorcerer Supreme. The movie hits theaters in November.

And, this next video that features Taylor Swift is trending…

“Taylor Mic Drop.”

Getting her groove on, Swift dances and lip syncs to Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” in this Apple Music ad. The video posted to YouTube by Beats 1 Radio shows Swift applying make-up, while rocking out to the jam.

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