We can talk to anyone anytime, thanks to all of our electronics. But families aren't talking to each other in person as much as we used to.

FOX's Lisa Brady has "FOX on Family":

Ever text someone who's in the same room with you? Kids and parents seem glued to their devices:

(Scrivner) "And we're just enjoying that kind of space of Never Never land."

And therapist Elizabeth Scrivner with park cities counseling in Dallas says we're getting de-sensitized to what life was like before social media when we couldn't be texted, tweeted or emailed:

(Scrivner) "When you stopped going to school for the day and you went home, you were done. You could play, you could do a sport, maybe you watched the after-school special, but you weren't contacted constantly by somebody."

Same goes for grown-ups, but Scrivner says no technology can replace human interaction. Her advice, protect relationships from diminishing:

(Scrivner) "Showing the person that you're sitting across from, you matter, what you're saying matters, and I care about you."

And focus on quality interaction, not quantity:

(Scrivner) "When you really put that attention to somebody, then they are full. Their buckets full from you."

For parents, this means setting boundaries and leading by example.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

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