Wedding season is right around the corner and now more than ever, couples are willing to spend serious cash on their special day.

FOX's Ashley Papa has more on the story:

It's wedding season! And for many people, saying "I do" is a once in a lifetime event. No wonder they're willing to spend big bucks.

According to The Knot's Real Wedding Study, couples spent an average $32,641 last year. From music to cake, The Knot's executive editor, Kristin Maxwell Cooper, says spending is up across the board:

(Cooper) "What we did see that I think was interesting is that the number of wedding guests has gone down to 139 average guests, but the cost per wedding guest has gone up to about $237. So they're actually spending more per guest."

With the average venue cost at around $15,000, Cooper says nearly half of couples end up going over their budget:

(Cooper) "People are spending over their budget to get the day that speaks to them and is what they would consider the perfect day. I also think they also want to create this guest experience that their guests are really going to remember and think is pretty spectacular."

By the way, this cost doesn't include the honeymoon. Dollar signs given you cold feet yet? You can always elope.

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