The mom from 'Everybody Loves Raymond' Doris Roberts has died.

FOX's Michele Pollino reports:

Doris Roberts played Marie Barone the mom on 'Everybody Loves Raymond'.

(Roberts) "You never ever appreciated me. I would work my fingers to the bone all day with the kids and not even a thank you. That's right. Debra understands."

Roberts was 90-years-old when she passed Sunday in Los Angeles. She won five Emmy awards, four of them for 'Raymond.' She was a 20-year veteran of Broadway before she began appearing steadily in character roles in film and on television. Starting in the 70's she was a consistent figure throughout every decade on TV:

(Remington Steele) "Surely you've seen a man in a towel Mildred? Oh you're not man, you're my boss."

That was from 'Remington Steele.' She also starred in movies like 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.'

Michelle Pollino, FOX News.