The latest weapon in the battle against cancer could be the rock band AC/DC.

FOX's Laura Ingle explains in "Bonus Track":

Researchers at the University of South Australia are tapping into the thunderous tunes of one of their country's most well known hard rock exports: AC/DC... to help combat cancer. 

The team found that the vibrations caused by cranking the song "Thunderstruck" through a speaker caused silicon microparticles carrying chemo drug inside a vacuum to bounce.

The chaotic frequencies from the hard-rocking tune gives the particles an all-over coating of material, which helps the chemo drug from escaping... thus increasing the effectiveness of the delivery. Before they tried this musical method, only one side of the particle would be coated. 

Researchers say they chose "Thunderstruck" because the song hits all the right notes: both musically and lyrically. The coding is done in plasma and thunder is an example of plasma as well.

Now that's some rockin' research!

I'm Laura Ingle and that's your Bonus Track!

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