A Colorado school district of 20,000 students could change policy to allow medical marijuana on campuses, but not the smokey kind.

FOX's Jessica Rosenthal has more on why:

Last year Jaxson Storms, a disabled student, was temporarily suspended after his mother had put some cannabis oil in his yogurt for his seizures. Now that meal usually didn't go to school, but this time it did. After lobbying by his mother and others, District 49 is now considering a policy with cannabis guidelines:

(Meister) "The student would have to hold a valid registration card from the state of Colorado for use of cannabanoid products. The forms of cannabanoid products that would be permissible are non inhalable products such as oils, lotions."

District spokesman Matt Meister says in the policy the board will consider next month it includes a cease and desist provision that the district will comply with if the federal government threatens to withhold money over this policy.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News.