Friends with benefits has gained popularity among young adults, but is a commitment-free relationship in your best interest?

FOX's Ashley Papa explains in "FOX on Love":

Friends with benefits: the relationship that comes with no commitment, no expectations, and you know what the benefits are. But who really benefits?

Psychologist and host of the iTunes Podcast, "Hollywood Hookups and Breakups", Dr. Cooper Lawrence, says while FWB relationships may be good for those who don't want to commit, they can be harmful for others:

(Lawrence) "Friends with benefits can be dangerous for people who are not honest with their own feelings, who think they're okay being real casual in a relationship, but once they get into it, it really is a manipulation."

 Since the majority of friends with benefits relationships don't end up as long term romances, it's important to be realistic and know it may be hard to go back to being just friends:

 (Lawrence) "If it's somebody that you're truly romantically interested in, and you want more from them, getting into a FWB relationship just to be with the person it's going to end up bad for you in the end."

Make sure an FWB relationship is really what you want. If not, find someone who wants a committed relationship.

With FOX on love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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