"Why have they been attracted to Donald Trump? They've been attracted to him because he can say this is what I will do. He doesn't make a lot of false promises, he doesn't go out there and say, oh, this is going to be A, B, C, D, and then we are going to check it off the list and say done. He says, I can't tell you exactly how we are going to do it but we are going to find a way and together, we are going to get this county back on track, we are going to secure the border and we are going to make certain that America wins again."

---Blackburn on why Trump appeals to voters

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss the 2016 election, why she feels it's important for the GOP elites to listen to the voter's choice for president and make sure to get behind whoever wins the nomination. Blackburn explained that the voters are frustrated with politicians who have not delivered on their promises and it's that frustration which has led to outsiders Ted Cruz and Donald Trump resonating with voters. Blackburn also spoke about how the Obama administration may finally be figuring out they need to address the war on terror.

Plus, Blackburn discussed her recent Fox News online opinion piece "An open door for Syrian refugees will not stop ISIS. That's delusional"

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