Your house may need spring cleaning. But your teeth need TLC all year long.

FOX's Lisa Brady reports in "FOX on Family.":

My son's light saber toothbrush got me thinking about all the gadgets to help brush longer, even apps for that.

Doctor Mary Hayes, pediatric dentist with the American Dental Association says the two-minutes-twice a day goal and website are helping.

In general, brushing should start when baby teeth start:

(Hayes) "To have children understand that it's part of the basic routine."

So start flossing as soon as two teeth are together. For parents helping younger kids brush: Be gentle, but firm:

(Hayes) "Don't brush like a butterfly and don't brush like you're scrubbing the sink."

Circular, massaging motions:

(Hayes) "A lot of dads like it when I tell them it's like shimmying the car."

Hayes says bacteria is the main problem and not just from candy. Enzymes in our mouths turn cooked starches, like pasta and bread into sugar:

(Hayes) "Kids have a lot of carbs, they need it for energy, but they don't need it to stick on the teeth."

And bacteria causing decay in baby teeth can spread to permanent teeth. She also says kids and adults who aren't drinking flouridated water can benefit from flouride supplements.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

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