Rock-n-roll fans are lining up across the country to see rock icons The Who and Joan Jett & and the Blackhearts perform on tour. However, this isn't the first time lead singer Joan Jett has collaborated with the fellow rock legends.

FOX's Laura Ingle has the story in "Bonus Track":

Joan Jett & and the Blackhearts are currently out on the road with one of rock's most legendary band, celebrating their 50th anniversary: The Who.

It turns out, this unlikely pairing isn't so unlikely at all.

Back in the day when Joan Jett had no money and no deal to record her soon-to-be hit songs, The Who and its management company offered to help out. They provided the rough and tumble rocker and her producer Kenny Laguna studio time to lay down some tracks at The Who's famed Ramport Studios in London on credit. Jett and Laguna took the deal, promising to pay The Who back once they got a record contract. After her song "I Love Rock 'n Roll" hit the charts, they were able to repay every last cent.

She may have had a bad reputation at one point in her career but for this leather wearing front-woman, her good credit and good word has certainly paid off.

I'm Laura Ingle, and that's your Bonus Track!

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