She was a Catholic nun who started a global TV empire.

FOX's Jane Metzler reports Mother Angelica has died:

Back in the early days of basic cable, you couldn't miss seeing Mother Angelica, the colorful Catholic nun in the plain brown habit:

(Mother Angelica) "You want to hear something pretty funny?"

Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation was born Rita Rizzo in Canton, Ohio in 1923, entering the Poor Clares monastery in Cleveland:

(Mother Angelica) "If God hadn't called me out of the drags when I was 18..."

She started EWTN, the Eternal Word Television network for $200 in the garage of a monastery north of Birmingham, Alabama, back in 1981.

Governor Robert Bentley said Mother Angelica left an indelible mark on the state, the Catholic Church and the world and found it fitting that God called her home on Easter Sunday. 

Jane Metzler, FOX News.