Should you talk to your kids about terror attacks? And if so, how?

FOX's Lisa Brady has the answers "FOX on Family.":

After a devastating terror attack like the Brussels bombings, the images are everywhere. So, what do you tell your kids?:

(Lozano) "Talk about your immediate world and how there's a lot of good people in it and there are lots of good people in the world."

Licensed counselor and behavior therapist Rusty Lozano says emphasize the positive, the safety around them:

(Lozano) "You have immediate people around you like your family and friends and your strong and safe in numbers."

As part of a grounding perspective:

(Lozano) "To really reinforce to these kids that their immediate environment is safe and you know things like this is not a common occurrence, sometimes bad people do bad things."

He doesn't recommend bringing it up in the first place. If they might not know about it. For instance, younger children. But for kids with greater access to TV and the internet:

(Lozano) "Kids have powerful imaginations, you know, you don't want to leave it to them to make the interpretation themselves."

Or they may end up feeling like they're in imminent danger and Lozano says if a child is struggling with fear. Don't be afraid to seek professional help.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady, FOX News.

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