A new round of FOX polls looks at favorability, trust and who can win in November.

Donald Trump has made the claim about Hillary Clinton in many interviews:

(Trump) "Personally, I'm not sure that anybody else other than me is going to beat her."

But new FOX numbers have Ted Cruz and John Kasich beating Hillary Clinton in hypothetical matchups with Trump a distant second to her. 

When it comes to trust, voters favor Bernie Sanders along with Kasich:

(Kasich) "Up until now no one knew who I was. They thought my name was Governor of Ohio. Finally I'm getting some attention." 

In terms of favorability, no remaining candidate tallies more than 50 %, but Bernie Sanders scores highest at 44%:

(Sanders) "We are doing something very unusual in modern American politics. We are telling the truth."

But FOX respondents still prefer Democrat Hillary Clinton by double digits. Ted Cruz has narrowed the GOP gap to just 4 points behind Donald Trump.

Gurnal Scott, FOX News.

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