A new medical device is using virtual reality to track head injuries.

FOX's Sapna Parikh has the details:

This is Housecall for Health.

Using virtual reality, a new medical device could dramatically reduce the danger from head injuries and concussions. The FDA just gave the green-light to a new device called EYE-SYNC.

After a head injury on the playing field or somewhere else, the EYE-SYNC is put on the patient's head to track their eye movement and if they have a hard time following the moving dot, that's an indication of head trauma.

The device is made by a company called SyncThink. The company's founder, a neurosurgeon at Stanford University says the EYE-SYNC does not diagnose concussions. Instead, it detects when coordination between the eyes and the brain is disrupted.

EYE-SYNC could soon show up on the sidelines at NFL games. They saw a 32% increase in reported concussions last season. But that's not all, each year nearly half a million children are treated for traumatic brain injuries also.

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Housecall for Health, I'm Dr. Sapna Parikh, FOX News.