Two young girls are killed in Texas. The daughters of an award-winning concert pianist, whose estranged wife was injured.

FOX's Lisa Brady reports: 

Police in suburban Forth Worth, say Ukrainian musician Vadym Kholodenko, called 911 himself when he got to his wife's home yesterday morning to pick up their daughters:

(Babcock) "Once he arrived there, he found the mother in an extreme state of distress." 

And their girls, ages five and one dead in their beds:

(Babcock) "He has been cooperative in this investigation, he's not considered a suspect at this time."

The estranged wife, not named as a suspect either, but there's also no manhunt:

(Babcock) "We're still checking out every avenue, we're looking at all possibilities."

Benbrook police commander David Babcock says there were no visible signs of trauma on the children. The wife had multiple non life-threatening stab wounds.

Police had been called to the home twice in 2014, but won't say why.

Lisa Brady, FOX News.