No longer a candidate for president, New Jersey governor Chris Christie is still getting criticized for being on the campaign trail.

FOX’s Tom Rigatti reports:

First he was out of the state for long periods as a Republican presidential candidate. Then he was out campaigning for Donald Trump.

The criticism hit a crescendo when governor Chris Christie was out of state with Trump during the funeral of a New Jersey State Trooper:

(Christie) “Last week, well before I was even invited to come on Monday and campaign with Donald Trump, the lieutenant governor and I had decided that she was going to attend the funeral on Monday. So even if I had decided to remain in the state, I would have not attended the funeral, the lieutenant governor would have.”

Six New Jersey newspapers are calling for Christie to resign because of his absences. And now the Mayor of Jersey City, a Democrat, has launched a webpage:

Tom Rigatti, FOX News.