Another star player has just retired from the NFL.

FOX's Dave Anthony reports:

The day after Peyton Manning's tearful retirement, Calvin Johnson is walking away from football. The star Detroit Lions wide receiver nicknamed 'Megatron' is retiring after just nine seasons.

He's only 30 years old:

(Joe Buck) "Johnson is through for the touchdown. "

That was his last great game in the Lions Thanksgiving win on FOX:

(Joe Buck) "Number three on the day for Calvin Johnson."

He scored nine td's last season, catching 88 passes, playing through nagging injuries. In Johnson's best season, 2012, he broke Jerry Rice's record with 1,964 yards receiving.

Detroit fans have seen a 30-year-old star player retire before. Hall of Famer Barry Sanders abruptly ended his NFL career in 1999.

Dave Anthony, FOX News.