The police shooting death of one of the armed occupiers in this year's takeover of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon has been under investigation and now a District Attorney says the shooting was justified.

But FOX's Jessica Rosenthal reports, the FBI agents involves in the shooting are under investigation:

The Deschutes County Sheriff played audio and video from the day Oregon State police shot and killed occupier spokesman Lavoy Finicum in order to make their case:

(Finicum) "Gonna have to shoot me. Dammit are they shooting him?"

The Malhuer County D.A. said they found all six shots fired by Oregon State police justified. First when Finicum ran through a police roadblock. Then when he was shot to death. A loaded handgun was found in the jacket pocket he reached for after failing to comply with police demands.

Two other shots were fired though that day by FBI operators and they didn't disclose that to investigators so now they're under investigation.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News.