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| 20th Century FOX.”

This trending trailer shows Scrat as he follows his beloved acorn into space, inadvertently leading to a series of events that could change the Ice Age… Sending Sid, Manny and Diego on a prehistoric quest for survival and finding some new age answers.

Another trending clip…

“Ben Affleck surprises fans in the Batmobile // Omaze.”

This YouTube video posted by Omaze shows actor Ben Affleck popping out of the batmobile during the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, surprising sightseers who have some humorous reactions.

And on a touching note…

“Kelly Clarkson Performs “Piece by Piece” – AMERICAN IDOL.”

Kelly Clarkson recently returned to the American Idol stage, giving this emotionally raw and powerful performance, which has gone viral. The American Idol alum sang her song “Piece by Piece” moving members of the audience, along with judge Keith Urban to tears. FOX’s American Idol is saying farewell after this, it’s 15th season.

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