We all learned it, so why is it so hard to teach it? The art of potty training.

FOX's Lisa Brady has more:

Potty training: The universal parenting challenge. We want to them to learn, but not always to go:

(Schweikert) "I remember when I had four kids and I was in a superstore, the last thing I wanted was anybody to have to go the bathroom."

So parenting expert Gigi Schweikert says ask yourself questions first:

(Schweikert) "Am I willing to wash unlimited amounts of laundry? Am I prepared with paper towels and cleaning products."

And can you stick with it and stay positive for a few days? She says the child is probably ready if they can follow directions easily, pull their clothes up and down, and they're staying dry longer, but they also have to be physically ready to control it.

Once you decide to make the leap,  let them pick out a potty chair and underwear:

(Schweikert) "And make it a partnership effort, go and have some ice cream that day and make a big deal about it."

Schweikert also says rewards, like stickers, are okay, but she prefers telling them how proud you are and letting their sense of accomplishment be enough.

She also says expect accidents and if it's just not working, put the diapers back on, and wait a month.

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