With Super Tuesday wins in his home state and in nearby Oklahoma, Texas, Senator Ted Cruz remains confident in his presidential prospects. Cruz rallying supporters late Tuesday in Stafford, Texas.

FOX's Jeff Monosso reports:

Ted Cruz at his victory rally telling a packed crowd here at the Redneck Country Club in Stafford, Texas, that it is time for other candidates to get out of the race and unite, that this is now time for a two-man race between Senator Cruz and Donald Trump. Cruz saying there is only one candidate who's beaten Trump, one, two, three times.

And a roaring round of applause as Cruz talked about scrapping Obamacare, his plans to abolish the IRS and stopping amnesty and securing the boarder.

Winning Texas and Oklahoma was not winning the south, but big wins for Cruz. That means the path forward for the Senator beyond the Super Tuesday.

In Stafford, Texas, Jeff Monosso, FOX News.

(FOX News Radio/Jeff Monosso)
(FOX News Radio/Jeff Monosso)