The Defense Department says it wants to close part of Guantanamo, not all of it.

FOX's Steve Taylor reports from Washington:

President Obama wants Congress to approve bringing the last of the accused terrorists at Guantanamo to a prison in the U.S.:

(Carter) "There are people in the Guantanamo Bay detention facility whom it is not safe to transfer to any other, they have to stay in U.S. detention."

Defense Secretary Ash Carter, who was asked, if Congress approves closing the facility, would the U.S. give Gitmo back to Cuba?:

(Carter) "I can rule that out."

Carter says, that the Guantanamo naval base is another matter:

(Carter) "The base is in a strategic location. We've had it a long time. It's important to us."

Carter says, "We intend to hold on to it."

In Washington, Steve Taylor, FOX News.