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"Undercover Lyft with Danica Patrick."

Wearing sunglasses and a hat, Danica Patrick goes incognito, posing as a Lyft driver in this trending video. Despite having a bit of a lead foot along with a penchant for turns... Patrick's passengers are seemingly stunned when she reveals her true identity.

Switching gears...

"Pee-wee's Big Holiday - Official Trailer - Netflix ."

Pee-wee Herman returns. This glimpse into the upcoming Netflix original film shows the character as he embarks on his first holiday. The movie starts streaming on Netflix March 18th.

And another trending trailer...

"Pete's Dragon Official US Teaser Trailer."

This glimpse features Bryce Dallas Howard and Robert Redford discussing a mysterious child. Enter the dragon... Pete's dragon, that is. The movie takes wing in August.

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