Facebook users can now express more opinions than "like" about other people's posts.

FOX's Chris Foster reports:

Facebook is adding choices besides the "like" button:

(Zhuo) "Now you can react using different expressions and emotions to the stories that you read in your newsfeed."

Facebook product design director Julie Zhuo, announcing a feature called "reactions," letting users also click love, sad, angry, ha-ha, or "wow" in response to something:

(Zhuo) "People have been telling that they've been wanting a more expressive way to respond to the post that they see."

So say somebody posts about someone dying, there's a way to acknowledge that other than "like":

(Zhuo) "Just having a single like button didn't let people express the whole range of human emotions that you normally would express when somebody is telling you something."

In New York, Chris Foster, FOX News.